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Definitely a favorite post.

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As he starts riding that big cock, his own huge meat starts waving around like Bernstein conducting the New York Phil.

And after getting his ass well-seeded, he takes his buddy’s piss and busts his own nut.

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From today’s featured blogger: hpwrecker17 / Hot Gay Men 13

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One of my favorite clips from Corbin Fisher, Cade fucks the hell out of Ryan Rockford and Brent and Dawson cum all over him in the end his body is glistening with hot studly cum

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We know it. There’s no point pretending otherwise. Porn gives everyone unrealistic expectations. People think that sex is about shooting your load on the subs ass, then, maybe, pushing it back inside. What a crock.

Sex is about hot flesh on hot flesh, hot flesh in hot flesh. Cum belongs inside, sharing heat and life. This video is what sex is about.

<3 cum inside my ass every night and every morning if you want to baby….unf marry meeee

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